VR46 confirms but Aramco denies. Who is lying? Nieto announces. Uccio fired?

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Misano was not the expected Italian happy ending for the VR46 package, either directly or indirectly.
Valentino Rossi started last and finished in the top ten. All in all, an acceptable result given the season, but certainly not one of those expected until recently when it came to a decent home farewell to his longtime career.
Bad also Bagnaia, considered as the flag of the Academy, on the ground to resist a Marquez who won the race in the home of others on a circuit that by conformation should have said no.
It did not go well even for the rest of the Valentno boys who did not shine in either Moto2 or Moto3, where a former VR46, Dennis Foggia, won his race.
The results of Morbidelli, 14th and Marini 9th and humiliated by his teammate Bastianini, which feeds controversy over the bikes that will be assigned to the two in 2022 (Marini the factory and Bastianini an old bike), close the weekend, but it is not over yet.

The thing that should worry, even if hardly anyone talks about it, is the failure to announce the sponsor of Valentino’s MotoGP team, on which a dangerous silence has fallen for months.

It is not clear why it was a non-organizational or financial figure who broke it, but a technician, a figure who until now had never expressed himself on issues of this type, or perhaps this is a signal.

There are some certainties in the team: The riders will be Marini and Bezzecchi, while the historical employees of VR (Munoz, Flamigni, Gavira) are confirmed in their technical roles.
Who seems to be out of authority is Uccio Salucci who, apparently, will remain in the role most suited to him of Valentino’s Bottle & Towel Manager even in car racing. An accompanying role that, plausibly, prevents him from pursuing commercial agreements.
The most malicious will have thought that all this is due to the mess put up in recent months but Nieto’s tranquility seems to deny the rumors about the team that Valentino does not care about (he admitted this by declaring that the sponsorship problems do not concern him).

According to Pablo Nieto, in fact, the choice not to give news would be linked to the desire to better manage the last Italian VR race and otherwise everything would be fine with Aramco, despite the slowness of the evolution of the matter.

“As you know, we have made this deal with Aramco in the past. Things are going very, very slowly, but they are on the right track.”

And still:

“This is the most important thing and, at the moment, the thing I can tell you is that we are working on it. There are some delays, but we are on the right track and we are still working on it.”

So after months the oil sponsor reappears, despite the official and repeated denials of its press office (Brunswick has repeatedly written to this website as well) and of its CEO who has spoken in first person publicly.

It is bad to use the term “liar” but someone is not telling the truth, because if things were to be as the Spaniard says, it would mean that Aramco has been denying something for which he was negotiating for months. Aramco has not released “no comment” but has categorically denied any past and present negotiations with VR46.
If, on the other hand, things were as described by Aramco, it would be someone from VR46 who made the mental films.

The surprising thing, however, is not so much pulling in a sponsor who has always denied it, but deliberately choosing to ignore the fact that for 6 months and for about 4,000 published articles, we have put up with the ridiculous intentions of Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, his advisor Architect (later revealed to be non-architect) Marco Bernardini, and the elusive Tanal Entertainment Sport and Media.
The triptych became the protagonist of Press releases for events that never happened (Fantastic Trophy), never created situations (construction of motorcycles), non-existent company headquarters (photoshopped buildings), never registered trademarks, and unreal press conference, all without concludeing anything.
We can report here the links of everything that has been declared but things do not change because nothing has ever really happened as it is a hoax carried on for months.

From the doors of the Prince’s residence that had to be opened to the press, to the races in the desert, to electric motorcycles, up to the repeated deadlines that were not met, everything was simply an invention.

The 90 million for the 5 years did not arrive, but not even the 18 million for the next season.
In April-May, the clarifications on the VR46 MotoGP team seemed imminent.
Aramco had even disappeared from journalistic reasoning, replaced by Tanal who still appears on Marini’s Moto2 and MotoGP along with other NON-EXISTING companies such as brands, offices and activities, while now it seems normal that the he news arrives at the end of the season. Yet another deadline.

And none of the insiders dare to ask anything about something that has been talked about for months, that is, and we repeat it, Tanal, the Prince, a councilor who was everywhere, and dozens of projects that turned out to be bogus.
A stage made up of liars, sleepy amateurs, incompetent, hustlers and cowards who do not have the courage to ask a question despite their professional ethics should force it on them.

Then we will do it: Tanal, the Prince and the Councilor, what happened to them?
And who lies between Aramco who says they are not involved and VR46 who instead says that everything is okay with the oil giant?

Fans who watch this show, who pay to watch MotoGP on TV, who click on sites or buy magazines, can draw their own conclusions about the people they give their money to.

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