MotoGP and Moto2: Tanal and the others, “out of the game”

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Tanal out of the game. Literally.
And this is not about the sponsoring game, since all the interlocutors seem to have disappeared. There’s still to check, if money will arrive, where from and how it will come out.

A final flash is expected in Misano but it is not known for sure.
The Holding of Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has no longer been seen or heard but it is not just a MotoGP problem.

On the internet there’s very little trace of the holding. A rather strange website (we talked about it here), some litigation ended badly (we talked about it here), but above all a brand that, at the facts, DOES NOT EXIST.
Tanal would bill, according to the Prince himself during a surreal press conference, 100 billion dollars, but does not have a registered trademark.

And that’s one of those things that piss off video game makers.
They are games but that is a serious business, which moves millions of euros, ends up on devices of a certain level, and remains forever printed in products destined to be played for a long time.

But what does it mean that Tanal is out of the game?
That Tanal, present on the VR46 bikes with stickers and logos, together with other companies of the same block will not be present on the bikes that will appear in the MotoGP game graphics. It can not be done.

Milestone company updating the liveries of the games will not update those of VR46 with the Tanal logos due to licensing problems because, according to rumors, the brand does not exist, actually.  It has not happened as in other cases in F1 that the game manufacturer has not found agreements with the companies. In this case, the companies are missing and the brands are not registered.


Renault F1 Reale
Real Renault F1 with real brands


Renault F1 game
Game Renault F1 without non authorized brands


Moto2 reale
Real Moto2 with current brands


Moto2 game
Game Moto2 without Tanal, Maic, KSA brands


MotoGP reale
Real MotoGP with current brands


MotoGP Game
Game MotoGP without Tanal, Maic, KSA brands


What are the methods of sponsorship of Tanal and VR46 is not known. Uccio Salucci stated that he received some money but, and this is a fact, Tanal, Maic Technologies, Fantastic City KSA, are not registered trademarks anywhere. Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely nothing of Maic Technologies anywhere and anyhow.
For this reason they will not appear, unless some last minute changes, not even in the game.

This is the only case in this story where anyone cares about the difference between paying companies like SKY, WithU etc, and non-paying companies.
Because if they are paying, the curiosity of how and why emerges, given that they do not exist.

In short, the only ones who do things seriously seem to be the ones who play.


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