Wheeler-dealers, princes, oilmen and suspicious companies: is someone exploiting VR46 and Valentino without their knowledge?

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Usually, whoever is a killjoy is never nice and seems to do it out of envy, spite or who knows what. Assuming that this is the case, that is to say that we are really spoiling things, it is well to clarify the sense of this article. The only purpose is to protect all those who could, as collateral victims, run into a matter that risks to be unclear. Obviously, we believe in the good faith of all the involved parties but, at the same time, we would like to highlight some doubts on the matter. Many things do not add up and we raise a flag. If something is wrong, we are ready to correct. Again, we would be happy if this whole affair is a big misunderstanding.
All the documentation, recorded phone calls, e-mails and communications that we have collected are available to the Magistrature.



Since May 6 on this website, we have been busy searching for information and unravelling some doubts about the communicated partnership between Tanal Entertainment Sport and Media, and VR46 with the sponsorship of Aramco, for the 2022 MotoGP adventure on Ducati.
With the Aramco-VR46 partnership statements still fresh, some doubts were already coming to light, even if unfortunately just from our side, concerning the fact that, first of all in the press release there were no signatures or quotes, and furthermore the first denials had already arrived from the oil company.



More than three months have passed since the end of April, almost four, and there have been two more denials. The first arrived at the end of June and the second, in Assen. The latter one is really the heaviest, as it comes from the mouth of the oil company’s CEO, Aramco Oversea, Al Murri.
Let’s briefly summarize the history.

1) Denial by Aramco’s press account, Adam Jibali, contact person of the Brunswick Group agency, who takes care of Aramco’s relations in UK:

“There is no strategic agreement between Aramco and VR46. There has never been any commercial relationship between Tanal Entertainment and Aramco”. This would have already been enough to worry.

2) Subsequently, some websites would have received a request from Aramco UK to remove the news about the VR46-Aramco agreement from the news websites completed with a request for correction as well as the official declaration concerning the absolute extraneousness of Aramco with the VR46 and with the MotoGP. Few worries here too, if not from of a handful of professionals, just foreigners.

3) Finally, the CEO of Aramco Oversea, guest of the Pramac team, would have again personally denied being involved in the agreement. When the Prince’s words were pointed out to him, it results that he replied: “Do you know how many princes we have in Saudi Arabia?” A statement-explanation that is difficult to ignore.

However, it must be said that Aramco could have and could try a little harder to deny and say, officially and once and for all, the same things they’ve said  to the various journalists face to face or mail to mail, in short, as they have  done with us.


These three boulders, with the addition of the latest denial that we have also received directly from Brunswick Group on July 27, clarify Aramco’s point of view and puts in perspective the repeated reassurances that would have come from the Saudi Prince.

Probably, despite the undoubted good faith, there is a certain distance between the desire to sponsor directly (through Aramco) or indirectly, by making pass Aramco through Tanal Entertainment, and being able to really do it lightly, ending up in the hull with certain brands. As long as everything is true, including the prince who appears in the photograph next to reassuring statements, but never in a video or in person. And allow us to say that everyone is free to have doubts and express them. Also because Tanal Global Holding is one thing, and Tanal Entertainment Sport and media, another … and we will see that at least one of the two does not seem to exist.



We have recently been contacted by the Prince’s councillor, Architect Marco Bernardini, who wanted us to make some clarifications which, however, are nothing more than statements similar to those already issued through press releases.
We wish to point out that in the Order of Architects we have not been able to find if not a namesake in Liguria. “Our” Architect Marco Bernardini, is not known to us.
Returning to the phone call, the architect was keen to illustrate how from the Tanal website and from the press releases network, we could have inferred the goodness and absolute reliability of the initiative. It is a pity that the architect is not referring to Tanal Global Holding but to Tanal Entertainment, and there is no trace of the latter on the web.

Then Mrs. Arianna Pasquale wrote to us (we have not found any trace of her), Head Press Officer of Tanal Entertainment and Media, but she ended up arousing further doubts and perplexities in us. Let’s see them.


We found quite remarkable that a multinational of communication with a dedicated website does not have a personalized e-mail address, even though in reality Tanal Entertainment does not have its own website. The email arrived to us from tanalentertainment@gmail.com
It is something never happened in a similar context.
They build cities of the future and don’t have a corporate email.
The same message, signed by Arianna Pasquale, did not contain telephone numbers, neither personal nor an office one.
The task of a press office is to be traced down to provide information and clarifications. This is not the case.
The office has no address, email, landline phone, mobile phone, fax, etc. The website is not indicated either. We searched for it. And we haven’t found it.
Tanal Entertainment and Media is running several million-dollar partnerships with several international partners and does not have a webpage. However, we found that of Tanal Global Holding, which is also worrying.


Mail Press Office
Press Office email


First of all, the non-correspondence between Tanal Entertainment and Tanal Global Holding. The website of Tanal Global Holdings with an S

https://www.tanalglobalholdings.com/ is quite peculiar.

It is first and foremost built with a program for prepacked websites, specifically Jimdo. You can create a website with a few euros by copying from various prepacked templates.

A multinational that carries out billions of dollars projects has not entrusted the creation of its website to a web agency. Quite strange.

And anyway you can tell. The website is made in a rough way.


There is also no multilingual option. This is also quite strange for a multinational that operates in 37 countries around the world.


With all the initiatives of high prestige and visibility, the news section is strangely under construction. Press releases are sent and therefore the news should be there, but strangely it is not on the webpage. It is the first case of this kind for a high-level holding company. And also of a slightly less high level one.

President and Vice Presidents of Tanal Global Holdinds are two Saudi princes whose names are however slightly different from those of the royal family that, to put it simple, can be found on Wikipedia, even if they correspond to the owners of Tanal Entertainment Sport and Media.
It may happen that some transcripts are not exactly identical.
We can also let go on this.
There is a global network with a map and cities in which the offices should be located. However, there is not even an address to reach them. Not even a contact of not even a head office. Yet we are talking about 40 offices in 37 countries around the world, no continent excluded.
As advisor there is just a name and a telephone number.
No answer if you call. The email address is @tanalglobalholdings in the name of Omar, and a Gmail address.
Again, quite strange. Omar has an e-mail with no surname in a multinational company.


Sezione News Tanal
Tanal News Section



In the portfolio there is the list of activities in which Tanal is involved.

There are a lot but not even one customer is indicated in the customer portfolio. Not even a specific initiative is indicated among the many listed in the various press releases. Quite strange.


Among the present partners, we have called some.

Of those who speak English, no one knows Tanal but a few have already told us that they have been asked this question. They asked us why. Maybe it’s someone who has our same curiosities.



Many offices in various countries have the same email address despite the fact that the contacts are people with different names.

In various countries, even far from each other, Omar is the one who always answers and who has a Gmail email address in common with other contact persons.

This is also strange, but maybe these are things that happen.


The webpage privacy policy is the standard google one and is not even customized for the reference internet website.

A bit of laziness, but it’s still illegal. In Tanal maybe they don’t know.



Tanal, Global Holding or Entertainment, does not appear to have ever carried out activities before May.
All the initiatives seem to start from that month, following the announcements of the agreement with VR46 at the end of April.
Only the latest activities may have been selected, but even on the web there is hardly anything prior to that period.
The first press release we will talk about is the last in chronological order and it concerns the imminent (but it has already passed without having happened) participation of TANAL ENTERTAINMENT SPORT & MEDIA WITH YAYA EVENTS AT THE ANDALUSIA RALLY 2021 LIVE TEST prologue of an unclear FANTASTIC TROPHY COMPETITION, which should be an intercontinental gaming competition mixed with hyper-realistic reality.
The connection is not clear but that’s okay. But the Andalusia Rally is a car event. In the photos, on the other hand, there is a gentleman who should do the Dakar on a motorbike. The rider in question is also the CEO of the Edutainment company that often appears in Tanal’s press releases and partners. Jader Giraldi, is photographed next to a motorbike but participates in a car rally. Or so it is explained. Quite curious. Or maybe it’s just us that don’t understand it.
We tried to reach Mr. Giraldi but it was not possible to talk to him.

The list of various partners is quite clear: in addition to Tanal Entertainment Sport and Media we have Yaya Events, company of the motorcyclist motorist, Maic Technologies, a specialist in bio-detection systems.

All these partners would be part of the Tiburtec technological centre, supervised by the architect Bernardini, the Prince’s councillor, within the headquarters in via Peroni, in the Tiburtino Technopole, between Rome and Tivoli.
The press release also includes the headquarters of the big and modern building, with all the logos of the numerous partner companies in plain sight.
However, the building is a render, a graphical test.
In reality the building exists but on Google the colour, the gardens and the facade are slightly different, the facede does not have the company logos shown in the press release.

CLICL HERE TO VIEW THE  Tanal Entertainment-Andalusia Rally-Fantastic Trophy PRESS RELEASE







We went there and there are actually no logos on the facade. We spoke to some employees and the building concierge and it was confirmed that none of the listed companies have ever resided within the complex or received any mail. Or at least they, perhaps Korean aside, don’t know them. Not all companies need to be registered in a complex but then why has an untrue image of a building been provided that does not have those logos? What is the point of showing a counterfeit location?

The concierge and the employees of the building have assured us that the logos have never been on the building, logos which on the other hand are on show in the photo of Tiburtec inserted in the Tanal press release. For the record, Tiburtec is a really existing company but it manages condominiums.

Among the many mentioned companies, it is quite interesting the KMHG – Korean Moroccan Holding Group, an association of Moroccan expatriates in Korea, at least this is what we found out, which is described as expert in analytics.
It is a Holding which, however, if we are not mistaken, appears to have only one employee. He must be a very good worker who can do a lot of things. But since this company is chaired by Marco Bernardini, we are starting to wonder that maybe the architect is modest and does not want to appear too many times in order not to be given too many credits
The press release also contains, somewhat surprisingly, the presentation of a project for a hybrid 4-wheel drive motorbike that should start from a videogame and pass through a film based on a book, to then be produced.


Moto ibrida Tanal

We didn’t manage to find the videogame. The book exists but we have not found any trace of the shooting that should have been going on for a year in the city of Gubbio as well as Rome, New York, Jeddah, Riyadh and Moscow. For New York, Moscow and the other foreign cities we gave up but in the municipality of Rome and that of Gubbio we did not find anyone aware of the fact that they have been shooting a film in their city for a year.

But we are happy that the exclusive motorbike prototype, that will also be used on the set of the film called “Edward Loth – Najima The Fantastic City” produced by Tanal Entertainment Sport & Media together with an Italian co-production and other international partners, based on the book of the best seller author Philip Osbourne’s, will start the series production of the bike in question designed by C Creative, a company of Claudio Castiglioni, in a factory located in Terni and managed by Giampiero Sacchi, the same person who in Mugello accompanied together with the VR46 men, the architect Bernardini in Dorna to Carmelo Ezpeleta hoping that this project will have different results from those of the bankruptcy of Sacchi’s Terni racing company, the Ioda Racing, which unfortunately sees its assets subject to judicial auction.

The bike, however, even if only a drawing, is beautiful and we hope that it really will be produced.
One thing: in another press release, also from Tanal, it is announced that the bike will be produced instead in Saudi Arabia.
There is some uncertainty. Someone should inform Giampiero Sacchi, who is maybe preparing the plant in Terni.
For now, however, there are no great dangers, since all the projects are for the future and nothing has yet been done.



A little simpler is the press release regarding the Mazzanti Evantra Hyper car, which fortunately exists even if in previous models and it is produced in the number of 5 units per year. In truth, there have been no models with a licence plate since 2015. Only a few prototypes, at least this is what it seems to us.

Mazzanti results to have less than 10 employees with an annual staff cost of approximately 81.000 euros. And therefore, it is assumed that at Mazzanti, unless we are facing exploitation, the employees should be just a couple.
Returning to the car in the press release, of this model that still does not exist, 57 will have to be produced, by a factory that currently does not even have one registered unit, in an upgraded version from 1111hp armoured, fire resistant and with inviolable anti-theft device. The cars will, of course, be produced in the future in a 275 thousand square meter plant also managed by the architect Bernardini, that will see the light in the future in Saudi Arabia and which will allow hundreds of Arab engineers to be employed starting from 2030. A made in Italy made in Saudi Arabia. And it would be the first car factory in history to be located in one of those countries.

Evantra-MBS-ONE-1111-HP (render)

It is obviously all very interesting but also quite projected later over the years, especially if we are talking about a hypercar.
In the meantime, however, the car will appear, needless to say, in the aforementioned movie “Edward Loth – Najima The Fantastic City” and in various videogames in the form of a flying tank in a special effect mode since, as stated above, it does not exist. It all happens in that movie.

The luck, this time, is that on the Mazzanti Automobili website there is a reference to the press release even if the words are the same as those of Luxurious Magazine which in turn reports the Tanal press release, as if Mazzanti is reporting the press release of others on his own initiative. “It looks like a Lotus,” they say, but it’s just a drawing. The car will be different. Mazzanti has not released any information on this issue. We will have to wait a few years for the production of the plant and then of the cars. It requires patience.

In the meantime, however, Tanal sends proclamations everywhere and the press resumes them confidently and with partnerships declared and taken up by the press it is a little easier to find other partnerships.




In fact, in one of the press releases concerning the association with VR46, perhaps one of the least read as it does not speak directly about Motogp, there is another rather curious initiative that deserves attention: the FANTASTIC TROPHY COMPETITION, defined as a new sporting competition on two wheels ideated by Tanal Entertainment Sport & Media in order to create a new race format with unique features. The press release says that unlike the more well-known competitions, Fantastic Trophy Competition uses two different types of routes: in the Saudi Arabia desert and on dirt tracks in Italy. As in all Tanal initiatives, it starts from Umbria and ends up in Saudi Arabia, imitating the Paris Dakar in a sort of Perugia-Riad.

The format of the competition, continues the press release, is similar to a videogame: immersed in reality, using the interaction between two wheels, satellites, drones, hot air balloons; real-time interaction with the team on the pitch and with the public from home. The use of advanced virtual reality, communication and navigation technologies, interactive platforms for managing digital and telemetry flows will be guaranteed by Korean Moroccan Holding Group, in collaboration with the main Korean players of the sector.

However, let us not forget that the Korean Moroccan Holding Group results to be an association of Moroccan emigrants in Korea and has, if we are not mistaken, only one employee, its president, architect Bernardini, who obviously can correct and deny our assertions if he wants. Not to mention the fact that the telematic flows in other press releases were entrusted to Maic.
Keep these two companies in mind.

But in this case from a temporal point of view we are lucky because the final format will be presented by September 2021 and therefore, the press release says, it could announce a race test from November to December on two routes, one Italian and one Saudi.

One in KSA – in the desert from Fantastic City, which we still remember that as a city, it does not exist in KAEC on the Red Sea – and one off-road in Italy, starting from Tavullia, in Gubbio and Terni, where MAIC Technologies is designing and building the first prototype of a four-wheel drive off-road motorbike with hybrid, thermal and electric propulsion, whereas the production of plants is planned in Saudi Arabia.

Here now there is a problem with a previous press release as the bike seemed to be destined to be produced in Terni.
And Maic Technologies, according to another press release, it resulted involved in biometric detection activities and not in motorbike production.
From one press release to the other, MAIC and KMHG have swapped roles.

 Fantastic Trophy Competition, continues the press release, will be a real hub for the selection of young Saudi riders, whose talent can emerge with the precious support of VR46.

Who knows if in Saudi Arabia they know about this all-Italian opportunity to become like Valentino, Morbidelli and Bezzecchi as they race followed by drones, satellites and hot air balloons and the public from home, on a four-wheel drive hybrid motorbike that will be built in the coming years in Saudi Arabia or in Terni.

 Follows in the press release, a praise to the Saudi Prince and to the Moroccan-Korean companies, chaired by the architect Bernardini, recognized as representative of Korean technology and Italian creativity. Of the latter the press releases are not missing because of the commitment in the urban, construction, technology and university fields, there is no project actually executed yet. And let’s hope the Saudi prince won’t be angry about it.



On the remaining press releases relating to the specific agreements between Tanal Global and VR46, those with the objective of KSA New Cities AND ARAMCO, little to add except that they all follow the same stereotypes: projects still to be made, declarations all to be verified, unilateral press releases, and companies partners who appear, always the same, in all projects communicated by Tanal. And the only sponsor, ARAMCO, who no longer knows how to deny.




For the rest, architect Bernardini was right when, on the occasion of his phone call, he told me that by carefully analysing the news, press releases network and initiatives, “all the pieces would have fit”.

The main thread is: Marco Bernardini, director of Systech in Terni, a company that makes electrical panels, with a passion for Saudi Arabia, former resigned director of the Cardeto park works in Terni, and supporter as a spectator of electric motorbike projects that in 2017 wished to participate in the MotoE championship (they did not make it) and in the following years of electric racing cars never came into existence, multifunctional energy towers never built and Saudi smart cities not yet built, with projects that for some years have been launched in the future but then, when the future arrives, they are never seen.

Another thing that leaves us doubtful is the fact that we have not found a trace in the Order of Architects of the architect Marco Bernardini. There is a namesake but he has a studio in Liguria. However, we found a surveyor with that name. We can obviously be wrong and we are ready for any correction.



In all this web of events, press releases and companies, the one who is likely to lose is VR46 which seems to be more used than sponsored.

We called VR46 in the person of Uccio Salucci who, very kindly, confirmed the partnership with Tanal and to have already active sponsorships in the CIV and CEV fields, with relative financial support but, following our further requests, he addressed us to Alberto Tebaldi who, however, busy, promised to call us back. We have been waiting for a few days.

In addition to VR46, in an obviously marginal position, there is also Ducati, which will have to supply two factory bikes as well as technicians and engineers. Obviously, the company is not in danger but there could still be damage to its image or some element to reconsider. As for Dorna, who risks not being able to count on the cash flows that such a sumptuous sponsorship should bring, obviously it will make its contribution to the team, but it is clear that it would be faced with an uphill project that would have to look for another sponsorship, at this point, last minute.

In short, we are sure that the VR46 MotoGP team will be created and it will also be a success. The only thing that doesn’t add up is related to the credentials exhibited so far by its sponsor.




This article has been written a few days ago, about a week. We asked for clarification and gave time to respond but we received very aggressive approaches as well as disordered reactions.

On Saturday 31 July, an article on the presentation of a press conference to be held in Riyadh was published on the important GPONE website, even if, atypical for a press release of this type, the date is missing. We are sure that GPONE will have made his checks.

In the press release there is a video that is once again a render and represents the building made in the shape of an F1 car.
ARAMCO has disappeared and the sponsors have become POTENTIAL.
What does this mean? Somebody give us a hand.



Comunicato Press Conference Tanal1
Press Conference Press Release Tanal1


Comunicato Press Conference Tanal2
Press Conference Press Release 2

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