That time Tanal Global Holdings tried to scam the Ivory Coast Government

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Year 2015-2016.
Construction of a road in Côte d’Ivoire, the Boundiali – Odienné, financed by Islamic Development Bank, contract value, approximately 120 million euros.
In short, Tanal Global Holdings shows up for the tender and passes the pre-selection phase.
In the next phase, however, 3 days of investigations lead to a fairly striking result. In the Ivory Coast, this means prison but the tight deadlines require the simple exclusion of Tanal Global Holdings from the tender. But Tanal despite being caught, appeals. Rejected.
Here is the document relating to the exclusion and rejection of the appeal.
For those who do not want to read the complete document:

– Tax certificate not updated and falsified
– Social certificate not updated and falsified;
– Line of credit to be verified and falsified as it has not yet been obtained by the bidder.
– Non-compliant staff with falsified  Curriculum (resumes) not only not having all the required experience, but having made false statements in their CVs (resumes).
– Very insufficient material justified by false documents for the most part.

Appeal rejected as unfounded. TANAL GLOBAL HOLDING, in fact, “could never have passed the pre-qualification phase without having made false declarations on all aspects of the company and on its experience in road works, most of which should have been acquired even before its year of existence. or at least the year in which its activities in the road sector were started “;

It looks like it is a company made on purpose to participate in a tender.

Click here to view the complete document about Tanal Global judgement!

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