VR46, possible announcement at Misano but there are worrying rumors!

Misano Gialla

Valentino Rossi does not care about MotoGP.
At least not about the one where he doesn’t race, and that’s normal.
After so many years, with a career end certainly not to be remembered, a child on the way and new car racing interests, it is understandable.
Valentino Rossi is a star, certainly not a second level personality capable of adapting to a supporting role.
Valentino Rossi is an athlete, a sportsman, and the fact that he quits MotoGP certainly doesn’t mean that he has to stop being a protagonist.
He is on his way to being in cars and whatever else he will do, without necessarily getting tired as in the last 20 years.

Rossi has the press on his side, then he has the fans and has all the deserved attention from a system that has revolved around him for years.
The role of team manager requires work, hours as an entrepreneur, responsibility and a lot of presence behind the scenes. It is not for him and he explicitly stated so.

Everyone who is close to him knows this too. The academy, the ranch and all the young riders he put on the track are something incredible and commendable, initially served to give him stimuli and motivation. Now, however, the whole mechanism must go on alone.
Rossi’s luck is that there are a lot of collaborators who can pick up the toy. The bad luck is that not everyone is able to handle it properly.
The story of Tanal, the Prince, the fake architect, the fantastic cities, and all those sponsors that then vanished, between never completed projects and non-existent companies (it does not matter that the press does not talk about it) are proof of this.
A colossal fool that would have made anyone the funny target of the media. Not Valentino who, after being spared by the press, called himself out and declared that it was not his problem, reproaching those who persisted in insisting on certain issues. Amazing enough for something that still bears his name.
In short, Valentino Rossi is not interested in the future of VR46 after his retirement, Luca Marini included. He did what he could but he can’t work miracles.
Rossi has left behind him a structure, a brand, some money, and a signed contract, but someone will have to walk alone and will have to make do.

And if at the end of October no official announcement was made, as far as the team is concerned, it means that there are problems.
Seven months have flown by waiting for the Saudis, complete with fairings covered with stickers of non-existent and most likely non-paying companies.
And now it’s late. There is a contract with Ducati but to race the Italian bikes, even two and in the 2021 version, money is required.
The 5 million from Dorna are not enough and without the 90 million of Tanal the matter becomes serious.

The latest news seeing WithU on Yamaha with Razali, is the latest blow.
The energy company puts about 2 million euros and there are no other resources to distribute. No sponsor fragmentation like last year.
For this reason VR46 has to look for other aids. There may be SKY but it is not clear if it is enough.
There are 4 teams to cover. The Moto3 team, the Moto2 team, a second Moto2 team made with Yamaha, and the team of Marini and Bezzecchi.
All interesting projects but Valentino may not even be on the track and has declared his lack of interest and this does not help money collection.
For this reason either Misano will be the site of a definitive announcement of the VR46 or the problem is big.
So big that rumors come from some insiders.
Considering impossible the most daring ones that see Rossi giving up even the MotoGP (two slots have been booked on the grid and the prestige of the VR46 is at stake), there are some that see VR46, given the lack of funds, settle for two second class Ducatis, and others that even see VR46 giving up Ducati in favor of Yamaha.
This would allow Razali to make the leap in quality and VR46 to remain “in the family” with reduced costs.
For Marini and Bezzecchi, certainly not first-class riders, it wouldn’t change much, but for those who have to take the money, instead, it would.
With Ezpeleta’s money and a pool of minor sponsors, two Ducatis or two Yamahas can be bought.
We’ll see if this weekend brings one of these emergency solutions or VR will be able, as usual, to get the rabbit out of the hat.

In the meantime, the press, like time, forgives everything, without even the time having elapsed. And the Rossi Week End, VR’s farewell weekend at home, lends itself extraordinarily to distracting attention, even if sooner or later it will be necessary to face reality.

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