Tanal-VR46: the first choice, Aprilia, hadn’t taken the bait. Numerous Testimonies are coming!


As the days go by and in the history between Tanal and VR46 deadlines are collected like Supermarket points  the promised 18 million do not arrive, everyone is silent and immobile as lizards. 

Who should give the money is silent, since they no longer know what to invent. Prince, spokesman, Press Office and friend presenter former team manager: disappeared.

Who should receive the money is silent, because they have to decide whether to admit that they have been made fun of or to declare that time is up so they  must take another path.

Those who have talked about the Prince with extreme confidence for months are silent since  concretely emerged that the matter just no longer holds up. 100 posts a day, now 0.

Only a few diehards are left to speak, some extremists who almost seems to be paid to believe  that something now ridiculous can be believed as possible.

We have a bad fool  of a team-company like VR46 as is not clear  what checks it has done and to whom it has entrusted.

We have a total fool of the motorcycling press, who wrote 3500 articles and even after the surreal conference of the Prince did not have the courage to raise his hand, as well as the non-motorcycle  press, which only timidly said something.

We have a somewhat indecipherable behaviour in the international press, who naturally sees the VR46 as an infallible entity and who therefore finds it hard to believe it could be the victim of such a farce. Not to mention that International press  was never directly involved. If so, it would have got it.

We have a fool of Dorna that lets anyone in without any verification to talk to Carmelo Ezpeleta and that does not publicly and officially distance himself from what is clearly a farce, even when it is evident.

But those who are the cutest, those  are the fanboys bag holders , wheeler dealers , retired or active journalists, who support something that hasn’t existed for months. Indeed, that it never existed, shouting “how is it possible  that a large company gets fooled like this?” or “who would benefit from all this and how could he he make money?”

It’s time to explain it by revealing other shocking backstories.

VR46 as a third choice. For Aprilia took only 15 minutes

It is a mystery that can only be explained by the fact that Uccio Salucci and Alberto Tebaldi lack the background to manage certain things. No offense. The VR46 apparel and the Academy are excellences in their field but for a certain type of business perhaps other assets are needed.

However, it is shocking that the keys to the safe of the greatest Italian sportsman of the last 20 years are in certain hands with certain margins for action.

Returning to the story and to the Ternano-Saudi trio, Prince-Councilor-Team Manager (Giampiero Sacchi), rumors not officially confirmed or denied by Aprilia but which are confirmed by some internal sources, speak of an approach prior to that of VR46.

The architect-Councilor, presented once again by Giampiero Sacchi, who still has contacts with Aprilia due to his past, would have been liquidated in 15 ‘. Even less than what it would take him to be discharged from Ducati when he tried to offer him a theme park which was later built in Mirabilandia . “I have this friend who is a friend of a prince” , in Aprilia it did not work as with VR46 and Dorna .

Aprilia (Piaggio), is maybe an old fashioned giant, at times, but which carries out rigorous controls. The racing past has taught a lot and from that moment Mister Colaninno entrusts the controls to external companies to whom he remits certain decisions based on certain parameters. Piaggio is a governmental and non-governmental, national and international business company. Piaggio does these things on a regular basiss, controls are certified and the game stops at the first safety alarm. It would not be surprising if being accompanied by Giampiero Sacchi would have constituted anything but a preferential title.

As for the second team contacted before VR46 (it’s funny but that’s it), an important private team, it must have gone to sense or to direct knowledge, but the result was identical.
Luckily there is VR46, which answers the first question (how was this possible?).
They are very good but in other things. From now on we are sure they will be better at these too.

It’s time for the second question: who benefits from all this and how does it make money?

And here there is something to be afraid of.
With the publication on this site of the pieces on Aramco, the Prince and the Councilor, some reports began to arrive by several persons really engaged in numerous megalithic activities in different sectors.

In addition to the motorcycle project, in fact, “the architect”, on behalf of the prince and the Italian-Moroccan-Korean Holding (of which he is the Italian CEO without ever having been in Korea in his life) and its emanations, is involved in many other mega projects, some of which are illustrated and crossed also in the press releases regarding the partnership with VR46.

And here is the simultaneous realization of:

a) 4 films for cinema (the Edward Loth trilogy plus the film The Swordsman ) , with actors such as Steven Seagal , Daniel RedCliffe , Orlando Bloom, Tom Hardy, Sam Worthington, Luke Evans, as well as a dozen other actors and Chinese and Korean actresses all famous. In addition of course to the Korean Academy Award-winning director Bong Joon Ho , director of Parasite and The Snowpiercer .


Bong Joon-ho
Bong Joon-ho
Edward Loth
Edward Loth


Swordman Cast
Swordman Cast


b) Several fashion projects between Italy, Korea and Saudi Arabia under the Moda Live brand

c) International musical projects through the Korean super band BTS , with megaconcerts and fashion related sponsorships.

d) A couple of desert towns like Fantastic City already known to motorcycling enthusiasts as they are mentioned in the press releases

e) Building projects of various sizes (hotels, resorts, companies, factories)

f) Some sporting projects to be carried out in spare  time such as formula 1 teams, MotoGP and Serie A football teams.

It’s all true and in the last few days there has been a kind of competition to tell the most bizarre episodes, all however confirmed by images, recorded phone calls and chats from those who have had to deal with these projects and episodes and have struggled. to get paid even fees of a few hundred euros.


Hanging around with a van, to get it done!

“There are probably personal problems.” This is what sooner or later all those who call or write tell us about their experiences with the architect who travels around central Italy (rarely goes further north, never south) in his van. Scrounging  lunches, dinners, overnight stays, clothing, products, like a reverse  door-to-door salesman, wearing the same black jacket and adv t-shirts from his increasingly exaggerated, increasingly complex and increasingly pretentious projects. All still in the embryonic state.

With participants in various “work” groups, who call by giving the names of  their companies, workshops, laboratories, he publicly shares details, documents, chat screens, telephone conversations, audio and video to convince the unfortunates of the goodness of the projects in progress as well as the truthfulness of the contacts and the level of skills involved. Different projects but the same contents that intertwine and integrate. All so big to be credible, all so complex that it takes time and trust. Payments are destined to arrive at the end of the projects but no project ever ends.

This is how several people who do not know each other end up telling us, versions that coincide, with even important characters as protagonists (mayors, governors, relevant businessmen), often real and almost  unaware of being guarantors of something that it doesn’t really exist. Different people send the same documents, giving the same names and telling the same stories.

The attempt to purchase AC Milan on behalf of the Prince, complete with a telephone call with President Scaroni , is one of these. Obviously it is then communicated that the contact is in progress but not how it ends, from time to time. Who knows if at Milan AC know that they are the subject of discussion in various Whatsapp chats in which there are architects, film workers, goldsmiths, tailors, photographers etc.


AC Milan
AC Milan

The purchase of the former Ariston powerplant (40 million euros seems too much for the Koreans represented by Bernardini but 30 could also be fine), which he said was faded by a whim of Mr Lee of Samsung who would have changed his mind about importing Marchigian technology in his country.
In the meantime, the company, in difficulty, goes bankrupt.


The phone call in French to Airbus for the purchase of a jet is also quite funny The travel difficulties due to Covid-19, in fact, would have prompted the Prince to buy an aircraft to make his Councilor  move more freely. A definite improvement over the Fiat Doblò!
Always top-of-the-range targets and purchase taken for granted with consequent pride among the “partners”. Where is the aircraft? In the same place where the 18 million destined for VR46 are, we think.



Even the Korean boy band BTS, dressed thanks to the Italian- Korean -Saudita Moda Live  fashion project (eternally in stand by) supervised by Bernardini also as regards the cinematographic sector (the costumes of the movies come from Moda Live), would have benefited from the projects of the architect. The compensation for the partners of the various companies? Acting in the movie for which all the workers have already been hired. Including a lion tamer and a falconer.


BTS Band
BTS Band

And even for the concert he does not go to savings. The project of the architect, in fact, a stage 200m long and 50m wide to be transported with three super trucks to travel between Italy, Korea and Saudi Arabia, with the approval of Samsung (always  him, Mr Lee, and his stylist sister) and Hyundai for which Moda Live would be creating the interiors of the new cars.
Hyundai is a bit of an obsession, as it also appears on the Aramco MotoGP mockup . Who knows if the company knows it.




VR46 Aramco
VR46 Aramco

All documents availiable. How to doubt? Especially if each project is defined as one step away from its conclusion.
Some projects real exist because they are built for real by other architetcs. Real parks, real building constructions, made by real architects are used with impudence even in the press releases by Tanal.


Phone calls and negotiations to build the stage, to buy the super trucks and to buy robotic mannequins that would have made it possible to take the measurements of Moda Live clothes automatically. Cost of each mannequin: about 7000 euros, ordering at least 200.
Calls, agreements, visits to the producers, all as done. Business plans and project documents obtained at no cost with the promise of being part of the business or having students or young professionals work. Which company can refuse a quote? Even Pininfarina provided sketches without knowing that they would become the flying machines of a movie. We have seen them, it is right that you see them too.



Do you want to get paid? Then I’ll buy you!

For those who don’t want to work for free or start protesting, the cliche is always the same. At the first requests for money from some participant, the counter-proposal to buy the company, the building, the brand, in order to obtain more time necessary for the negotiation, thus continuing to make the “partner” work without spending a cent. Offers are launched for every type of company, workshop, even multinationals. Either way the payment is in charge of  Mr Lee or the Prince.

Every meeting is positive. Everything is as if it were already done
And if any meeting does not go well, as with Braccialini or Aprilia, where the architect is thrown out, there is still an extra presentation to run in chat with photos and numbers. “The meeting went very well, we await an answer”. And all “Bravo, congratulations”, and so on, like in a multilevel marketing meeting, but in chat. For those who still believe it, it remains only to work. Of course, for free.


The first defections

This is how a tailor’s shop in Gubbio, for which the Prince’s adviser is initially seen as an opportunity but then becomes an amusing pastime of its owner, passes from a deluded partner to a patient friend who, for a quiet life, gives a few scrounged dinners for free, a desk in the office (Bernardini does not have his own office), some clothes never collected and some Prince tunics later seen at a press conference known to all. Value of the tunic: 500 euros plus shipping … to Gubbio, the new Riyadh. Here is the cost of a prince’s clothes.

The place of the press conference, on the other hand, according to the gossips of the chat, is that of Bernardini’s Moroccan tenant, who is late with his rent. Gossips of envious, we hope, at least these. Yet even here the informations coincide.


The same tailor shop in Gubbio, which was the first to join the ranks of the “partners”, was the first to come out, in the period in which Misterhelmet began to write. Followed by other unsatisfied partners who have finally opened their eyes. The tailor sends us photos of the tunic that we have all come to know. So much Moda Live it seems that it will never be able to take off in Italy nor in Saudi Arabia.

Moda Live Vest
Moda Live Vest

I’m not an architect, but the Arabs are naive and don’t give a f…!

“Arabs are naive. They don’t care about titles, facts are enough”, Bernardini have repeated in more than one conversation. “The aim of a designer is to start gigantic projects. It doesn’t matter that they all go through. I only need one to become rich. End of the story. ”

But at the end of the story we are still a long way off, both because no project has gone through, and because there are still many things to explain and many characters to involve.
In the meantime, we await payments.

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