VR46: Aramco back in the game but with credible interlocutors? The new rumors!

VR46 aramco

25 million for three years would cover MotoGP and Moto2.
In that case the Saudis would be there for real (without the prince and all the apparatus we have come to know) and also the dear Aramco logo, which would make a long lap penalty through a Sport Marketing agency with a 15% commission fee, it would resume its original position. For real.

These, in short, are the rumors that pop up regarding the upcoming sponsorship for the VR46 team which would still save the honor by presenting “almost” the same Saudis with a player who had previously denied and then disappeared and is now back in vogue involved by operators of a decidedly different level with a completely different type of project.
No cities, no theme parks, no automobiles or bikes that don’t exist, and no hot air balloons, drones and science fiction films, industrial nonsense or crazy acquisitions.

Aramco would thus have made the long lap penalty for the time necessary to unmark and would have followed the route planned for May 6, a route that had assumed a real arrival of the oil brand but by credible carriers.

In short, a true and realistic sponsorship which, however, was DENIED by ARAMCO SPOKEPERSONS DIRECTLY to this website during a fact checking.
Reporting the rumors and the denial serve to delimit the situation. Who reads about this rumors elsewhere, now knows some details already.

If all were to be true, however in the end VR46 could really manage to put a Saudi oil brand on the fairings of its motorcycles and it would even be the same as at the beginning of the story.
And at the same time it might be able to get rid of a lot of elements with zero credibility. At the moment, however, it is only denied rumors.

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