Valentino Rossi: “the VR46 Team is not my problem”. The cowardly Press, The Sugar Daddy SKY, the non-existent Sponsor companies!


Ianieri , Gazzetta dello Sport [read with a humble and deferential tone]

“Hi Vale, I was for a moment on the sponsor’s theme [just a moment, with sweetness and humility, mind you] … you say you don’t know so much but if now I had to bet 10 euros [that if you want majesty I can possibly anticipate eh], would you bet on having the Saudis as a sponsor of your team or not?
That is, plan B that will become plan A or it goes into what we are all waiting to try to understand “[here unfortunately modesty collides with awe and turns to confusion]?

Valentino Rossi: “You know I don’t know, boh, I didn’t understand.
Honestly it had to be all right buut , there are, no, there aaaaare , well … critical issues, from what I understand.
But fortunately it is not really my problem, that’s it. “

If that’s not worrying, tell us what it is.

Apart from the  mood of complete submission of the press that finally (to be acknowledged to Gazzetta), after 5 months of sleep and fear, with extreme humility and deference asks, with his head down (we imagine), without having the courage to ask a direct question, or to replying to the evasive answers received what the situation is, the answer itself is frightening.

Valentino Rossi declares that the team that should bear his name and his brand, made with the money that comes only thanks to him just to set up a team because otherwise his brother Luca Marini would not be able to race in MotoGP, it is not his business. It is not his problem and he is not informed. And whose problem is it, then? Who should know anything about a company with his name, more than him?

Not certainly  a press problem,  since two timid questions are avoided just to go soon back to amuse  the master by asking him about Bagnaia, about football and anything that doesn’t make him angry.

For those who are not on the payroll of VR46, forgive us, it seems quite evident that the situation is tragic, both from the specific point of view, given (the Saudi sponsor does not exist) , and from the point of viewvior of the press, which is truly indecent and submissive. Quite beyond all expectations.

The first annoyances also arrive at the international level.
There are in fact those who begin to raise the flag and recognize the actual seriousness of the situation and the fact that someone has been talking about it for a while, and those who continue to deny it with disdain, saying that in any case they have not talked about it because a no one has ever said anything to them directly
As if things only happen when someone is warned It is called Oversleeping Being unkind to those around just because you woke up late won’t turn the clock back. Not even for journalism stars used to being right.

And now it’s time to talk about money, asking a concrete and direct question. We don’t think to have ever read it by anyone.

We ask SKY directly, motorsport director Guido Meda, Valentino Rossi, Uccio Salucci, Alberto Tebaldi, if Tanal and Maic Technologies, two companies, one non-existent and the other without any real identifiable activity, have paid to place their stickers or not, together with Monster and SKY which are certainly paying companies.
This is because the architect Marco Bernardini stated that the stickers are there because they have to be there and the payment does not matter. We disagree, of course, because some fundamental things depend on it.
We want to know if a company like SKY that has 690 million euros in losses and has received a check from Comcast for 1.34 billion to remain alive, is happy to do the SUGAR DADDY on the fairings of Valentino’s motorcycles for a project that Valentino himself has declared not to give a damn.

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