Tanal and VR46: the farce at its peak. Two payments have already been postponed. Tanal’s castle of lies collapses

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For days now a man has been trying to put a patch on all the fake news, fake projects, and fake credentials put around by himself and never checked by anyone.
False from the first day, and every week ever bigger, ever more incredible and now uncontrollable and unmanageable even for the man who invented them.
For days that man has been calling those few who he thinks still believe him just to “fix” things and for days he has been touring Italy on a Fiad Doblo,to recover some small dose of credibility. .

Looking for appointments, meeting potential sponsors. Wearing the same clothes for days, while traveling in his Fiat Doblo,  it is no longer believable. Form is substance and someone like him should know it, but there are bigger problems right now.
That man tries to kick forward a payment date he knows doesn’t exist. There is no money transfer, there is no Prince. Money never existed. The only money is perhaps those remedied by some small sponsor who wants to become part of the adventure. Peanuts. Finished.

That man, Marco Bernardini,  made it all up but went too far. And now it is exposed by the facts.

Yet since May, since Aramco’s first denial, a few have doubted … but despite this, they’ve been ignored. The press is quiet.

On July 28, in an interview with SKY, Uccio Salucci, VR46 racing manager, scornfully declares that the most difficult part of organizing a team is…hospitality!
Who knows if he won’t really have to deal only with this, when Valentino Rossi will learn that the same day, this site had tried to warn him about the inconsistency of Tanal and his spokespersons, including the Prince. A 100 million project that never existed.

Uccio speaks of hospitality as the first difficulty of a team as Marie Antoinette spoke of croissants to the hungry crowd. An insult, especially after being warned.
A sarcastic, Uccio, on the phone with our website.
He guarantees that he has received the money from Tanal (as far as we know this is not true) and he assures that he has done the necessary research (congrats).
Trying to call Alberto Tebaldi, not even an answer. Bounced back. Trying to speak with Valentino Rossi, himself. Rejected.
Two days later Misterhelmet publishes all the documentation in Italian. 4 days later, in English.

These have been difficult weeks. Nationally and internationally, ignored, belittled, insulted, ridiculed.

Then a surreal press conference endangered even the hardest certainties. Too ridiculous the Prince, too incredible the Councilor in his t-shirt plus a Head of Communication and Press Office manager that does not speak English. The international press is not invited. Dorna, VR46 and Ducati are missing. The wanna be Prince has an Ikea tent behind him.

Please note that if in the first article of Misterhelmet, here, things were surreal and disturbing (we have shown that it is all fake) and in a press conference the level is comical, now the matter is sick.

Please note that the Prince we are talking about does not exist and what you have seen in videos and photos, is probably a Moroccan actor.
Valentino Rossi spoke 8 times on the phone with an actor believing he was talking to a Saudi Prince. What did they say to each other?

The Prince’s advisor, Architect Bernardini, is not a true architect. No one has ever checked his title.
Many experiences as an entrepreneur, all failed or ended prematurely. Movie production, Lifts, electrical panels, energy systems, renovations, works never delivered, they say, in his city. Disputes with city hall, region, companies, financing, business partners. In Terni he’s burned, they say. Someone also talks about judicial problems.
The traces of Bernardini’s creative projects and his passion for Saudi Arabia are lost over the years starting from 2017.
No one has ever stopped him.

The projects are so striking, futuristic, optimistic, that they always find fertile ground in the newspapers. Everyone wants to write beautiful and modern things.  Movie projects, Green, technological projects, entrepreneurial success from a small town in central Italy, Terni, the city of Bernardini, to teach things to the rich but backward Saudi Arabia.

Bernardini uses the press as credentials to push his ideas into the future. But they are just inventions.
In the press, the Architect’s projects appear hundreds of times and give him a dangerous web credibility due to the bad habit of the press of not verifying the sources.
Not even a project has been realized but each one is a springboard of credibility to be used to propose other projects and then others and others.
If he likes something, he just re-proposes it as his own, as happened with the Sagrantino Cup balloon race (a real event), which becomes his Ambassador Cup International Championship that does not exist.
Internet credibility, web presence, networking. Bernardini fills the web with articles, initiatives, websites, all fake, and presents himself as the man of many projects, forgetting to say that no one is real.
In the last desperate phone calls to those who refuse to believe him, the delirium is psychedelic.

Tanal (an empty box) becomes month after month a sponsor for VR46 then a sponsor for Dorna. Then from Dorna to the purchase of a Formula 1 team.
The team becomes, some tell us, Alfa Tauri, in other cases, Ferrari, up to the entire purchase of Liberty Media F1.

Ferrari saudita
Ferrari saudita

Not even football is safe from Bernardini. Every now and then the architect calls the name of some prestigious team. Always in the name of a Saudi Prince who should buy everything.
Bernardini’s (alleged) friendships range from Ecclestone, to the president of Hyundai or Samsung. Its companies all exist, but they look like empty boxes without a headquarters. The venues are real buildings with logos in Photoshop. We went to check on site. All false.

Over the years Bernardini has gone to Ducati to sell a theme park but he’s been kicked out. He’s declared to buy companies, sports facilities, designs hotels, resorts, parks, university centers, he never succeeded but no one had talked and no one had exposed him.
Right now, while still dealing with the VR46 deal, he is trying to buy a racing circuit whose owners are fresh from another scam attempt.
Bernardini travels with hundreds of slides that seem to have been made by a child, like his fake press releases, without addresses, without contact details, which nobody ever checks. Forged logos, track designs that are existing circuits put upside down, copied and patched logos. All done roughly with Paint and Word. Tons of slides that confuse any distracted interlocutor.

Tanal Logoes
Tanal Logoes

Over the years Bernardini’s attempts are black holes until he managed, with the help of Giampiero Sacchi, team manager of the broke Ioda Racing Team and his fellow citizen, to get to Carmelo Ezpeleta. He went there at Mugello in the name of the Prince with VR46 (Salucci and Tebaldi) and with many newspaper articles that speak well of him. VR46 signed a contract, a real one, with Ducati, and a contract, an impossible one, with Tanal which, without paying (according to our information) a cent, ended up on the VR46 bikes and suits. It will be a matter to explain. But it worked. Salucci says that Tanal has paid. And if Tanal is on the VR46 bikes then it must be true. CIV, CEV, Moto2, MotoGP. Salucci himselve sends around bike pictures and videos and vocal messages.
Tanal and other project logos that do not exist are on TV. So is real.

For months, speaking of Tanal / VR46, dozens of statements, phone calls, press releases. It has not been necessary to make an effort to believe in Marco Bernardini simply because no one has ever checked anything. If VR46 and its staff say it’s all true, then the press can’t doubt it.
Not even Aramco’s denials can stop the circus. There must be misunderstanding. The Prince has guaranteed. Whoever does not believe is a hater.
Anyone who has doubts is contacted by Bernardini who sends dozens of documents.
It happened the same way with us, but we checked them all. Bad news.
The press ran for months without problems. Sometimes, in a competition for visibility, press has even enlarged his projects to the point of inventing things that not even Bernardini has ever said.
Hybrid electric motorcycles, bulletproof and fire resistant hypercars, world balloon championships, cities of the future, theme parks, films, books. Millions, billions, everything went unchecked as if under hypnosis.

Until the day of payment. Some are surprised that money that never existed, never left and never arrived.

Valentino has taken the whole thing in his hands, some say. A few days ago he understood and said that he will take care of the team personally.
He no longer speaks of the Prince. Not even SKY does it, going from 10 news a day to zero.
Plan B are the sponsors that VR46 already has. The real ones.
WithU, Bardahl, Monster, Muc.Off, maybe SKY.

Valentino will solve his problems at home as he has always done with those on the track. Alone. As it has always done.
After all, if this is the help he gets from his staff, it’s best to think about things personally.
The danger, however, is real. The time is up and there are 18 million for this year in addition to 72 until 2026 missing and the second rider for his team is also unknown.
Valentino is forced to personally take care of things he never wanted to follow. All priorities change, due to an invented project, a golden Plan A becomes a breathless Plan B.
Once again, anyone can enter the MotoGP world. Nobody checks. Nobody is concerned.

Last Minute
A last-ditch press release is at the last minute, 6.15 pm, Aug 26th
It is written in English but is directed only to seven Italian journalists. A mistery.
Written in Word, full of errors, it is not even paginated and leaves a blank page in the print preview.
It seems written in the car, who knows maybe airport direction. Shortly thereafter, a somewhat ridiculous paginated version appears, but is too late.
Maybe someone has really understood that it’s time to disappear.


Last Press
Last Press


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