Team VR46: Ducati rumors worried about a possible scam. A rescue press conference on Wednesday?

Ciabatti e Domenicali

Emerging rumors are those of a Ducati worried about the VR46 affair.
A Ducati by now convinced of the deception by Tanal that does not exist, Aramco that has called itself out from the very first day, and of some princes that do not appear. Not to mention the architects who are not architects and have also gone into hiding with the whole package. At least this is what it seems.

Ducati is guaranteed by Dorna, of course, which will pay those 5 million agreed and necessary, so the matter is not tragic, but the fact remains that 5 million is not enough. It takes 5 more millions to do all the things that VR46 and Ducati had agreed on, in the way they had decided to do them. It must also be said that the usual rumors always speak of a Ducati that has been alarmed for some time, even before Misterhelmet’s articles.

5 million for an official team, is not enough and therefore it remains to be understood, even admitting that VR46 is keen on give up and cut something, if the budget will be “recovered” by Dorna or a reshuffle will be made from what currently feeds the coffers of the VR46 teams. We are obviously talking about SKY, WithU etc.

These are the things that should be clarified on the occasion of the long-awaited press conference that “would” be announced for next Wednesday and only “selected journalists” would be invited, among which obviously there is no Misterhelmet who broke the eggs so much and therefore it is neither “selectable” nor manageable.
Who will be sitting at the table of the press conference, it is not known. It will be enough to see the participants to understand what the financial direction of the VR46 team will be.
The idea is that we will not see princes, emirs and oilmen but some recovery sponsors, even if Valentino Rossi, interviewed yesterday, once again declared that “he is used to trust people and is therefore calm.”
As already stated, it is obvious that Team VR46 will be done, only that maybe we will have to tighten the belt a little.

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