MV Agusta Motorrad: Sales network wiped out And they wanted to shut me up!

In the MV soap opera, we were left with the fact that MV Agusta demanded that I shut up and even had lawyers write to me to remove my articles from the web, restricting my freedom without explanation.

It is a pity that EVERYTHING I anticipated occurred on time, including the latest news.

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You can see the news here: it concerns the dismantling of the sales network and the simultaneous creation of a company under German law, MV Agusta Motorcycles GmbH. What does this mean? That MV Agusta is now a motorbike factory that produces and works for the Austrians who, while waiting to buy it all, decide what it produces, when and for how much. While waiting to become all Austrian, MV Agusta starts to become Austrian in the part that counts: from the head.
Here’s the video, but if you feel like it, also watch the summary that comes next, so you understand how long I’ve been saying those things that the press finds out now.


Let’s get down to facts with a very quick summary.
On October 30th, I wrote an article with video in which I anticipated the agreement between KTM and MV Agusta. Remember, October 30th. Here’s the piece.

Many picked up on the news, others copied, OK. Usual stories.

On November 1stI came out with a second article and video in which I included further elements with details and my impressions, anticipating what I thought would happen. November 1st, watch out.

On the afternoon of November 3rd, the news finally came out that I had anticipated on October 30th, namely that of the agreement between KTM and MV with the percentages I had anticipated. 5 days later.
Here’s the press release.


The next day, November 4th, I came out with the third article with video.

In the article I was reporting the news, some data, I was talking about MV’s situation and some names coming out. I was then making what is called an hypothesis on the evolution of the situation that might have emerged. Again, take note: November 4th.

After a few days of gathering information and financial data from my sources in Italy and Austria, I came out with my fourth piece on November 12th.

This article with video attracted some attention. I included a few numbers on MV’s debts and corporate and financial situation, the values in the field, a bit of compensation for the various company figures, and even added some news and rumours, clearly highlighted as such.

There are 3 important things to understand from this article.
The first was the outline of Sardarov’s family’s possible strategy, which consiste of increasing capital to maintain shares.
The second was to have anticipated two names of KTM executives who would join the MV Agusta board.
The third was of having mentioned the name of a hypothetical president of MV Agusta.
Either I can get the information or I am a fortuneteller. Meanwhile, after 14 days, no request for clarification or denial has ever come from either MV Agusta or KTM. NONE.


On Tuesday, November 15th,knowing of the imminent signing of the letter of intent (which then took place) for the capital increase, instead of writing another piece, I wrote to Ms. Alessia Riboni, MV Agusta’s head of communications, via WhatsApp.
“Hello Ms.Riboni, I am Gianluigi Ragno, from the Misterhelmet website. I don’t know whether you know me and whether you have read my articles. In case you haven’t, I can send them to you.
I know there is an important signing today. Would it be possible to have an interview with Mr. Sardarov, perhaps in the afternoon?”
I was aware that MV and KTM were signing the letter of intent and so I wanted to offer MV the opportunity to give their own version of the facts or possibly to deny what I had written. That seems to me to be a demonstration of willingness and fairness.
Ms. Alessia Riboni, MV Agusta head of communications, replied to me as follows:
“Good morning Gianluigi, our in-house lawyer will answer you later.”
The next day the in-house lawyer, Paolo Neroni, wrote to me ordering me to remove all articles and videos concerning MV Agusta, without explaining why.

30 minutes after receiving the communication from the lawyer Neroni, I saw a press release from MV Agusta in which, lo and behold, they announced two things that I had written would happen in the article published on November 12th. 4 days earlier about the recapitalisation.


So I wonder:
Which articles should I remove if the things I wrote in advance have all happened? If there is any that is not true, why is it not indicated to me by either Ms. Alessia Riboni or the lawyer Paolo Neroni?
Is it not by chance that Mr Timur Sardarov forgets he is no longer in Russia and for some reason I don’t know, thinks he is Putin?
I have decided not to delete anything, guaranteeing maximum commitment to write everything I know, everything I think and everything I want about this affair involving KTM and MV Agusta.
I will denounce all attempts to intimidate and silence me.



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