KTM BANGS MV Agusta. And the Russians peep!

KTM enters MV Agusta on tiptoe with 25.1% and starts taking measurements, before taking everything.


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It is useless to have articles written by puppet sites.  Bank accounts speak. MV Agusta without KTM’s intervention would not have eaten the Christmas dinner. The press release (you can find it at the bottom) is clear and confronts 2 billion in turnover and 193 million in profits before taxes (more or less what Sardarov has lost since he took over MV) and 5,000 employees against 37 world titles in black and white pictures.

For this reason, only a complete financial idiot can think that a multinational at the top of the food chain like KTM enters a company in difficulty like MV Agusta, managed in recent years without a business plan, to be told what to do only because it is in a minority, carrying on the role of happy cuckold making videos while his newly married wife is banged.
It is important to know that the financial cuckold is not Austrian, but Russian.

The rumors highlighted by Misterhelmet, on Sunday 30 October, of a 50% acquisition by the end of 2023 and of total control by 2024.
This is what plausibly will happen but the operation will be even more bloody for the current owners and there will be the same difference between those who receive a knockout punch and those who are slowlychoked or, to use less grotesque comparisons, the same difference between someone who loses everything at poker in one hand and one who is instead plucked during the evening leaving on the table even his car keys and his watch, after having believed for hours that he could return to the game.

KTM, which will manage the sales network, will put his men in the game.
In fact, Enrico Pellegrino, former head of strategies and commercial development, has been with Nolan since 2 November.
Therefore, KTM will have strategic and distributional claims that will fall on planning and production and, to be implemented, will require substantial investments of cash of 20 million by the one who is still the majority shareholder. Everything will cost dearly to the current owners until they will be slowly choked . The nice thing (so to speak) is that MV Agusta has no money, but Black Ocean, the fund that manages it, has  (if is not blocked by the Ukrainian question ) and for this reason Timur Sardarov , if he does not want to be kicked out  in record time, he will get carried away into the quicksand of illusion and will inject money until he will realize that he has only lengthened his financial agony. 

Not only will KTM take over MV as planned but it will do so at an even lower price than it would pay if it wanted to acquire it quickly. It will simply take a little longer. And the lawyers won’t be able to do anything.


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