VR46 MotoGP and Pertamina: HOW MANY MILLIONS FOR VALENTINO Financial details and bike livery revealed!

Perhaps due to the exceptional result of the two riders, VR46 and Pertamina, while they are at home, have decided to reveal their partnership anticipated by Misterhelmet as early as August 17th. In this article with video and podcast, all the details of the operation, from the strategic path, to the money involved, completed with “hypotheses” of the livery of the 2024 bikes!


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Guarda il video e ascolta il Podcast o scorri in basso per leggere l’articolo!




We anticipated it on August 17th by explaining who exactly Pertamina is and making it clear that it would be a crazy operation.
Ecco l’articolo introduttivo che potreste trovare utile prima di leggere questo.

Today on the track in Mandalika, perhaps encouraged by Luca Marini’s pole position and Marco Bezzecchi’s beautiful performance (and let’s remember that the drivers are both returning from an injury), VR46 has chosen to throw a bomb perhaps destined to be detonated at the end of the year .
With not very recent photos, the news you read here came out

3 year contract with a 360° presence of Pertamina on all marketing activities, for a sponsorship revealed presumably on the basis of a last minute decision, perhaps due to the exceptional result linked to Marini’s Pole position and the excellent result of Bezzecchi (remember that both riders are returning from an injury).
18 million in 3 years for a product sponsorship, to push a specific oil, widely used in the Pertamina market.
Here you have some graphics but you can find all the explanations in the video and in the podcast!



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