VR46 MotoGP: Pertamina new main sponsor. Finally a real Oiler!

Three years after the hoax of the false Prince, of Tanal (non-existent) and of Aramco (which has always denied everything), VR46 takes home a real oil sponsor. And what sponsors!
Rewarded for the work of the group that was able to transform a newborn team into a top team in record time!
Here are all the details and the other sponsors who will remain on the bikes!



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VR46 MotoGP is preparing to unveil its new main sponsor.
As already anticipated by Misterhelmet on 24 July and taken up by other publications that have been careful not to mention the source, Valentino Rossi’s structure, directed by Uccio Salucci is about to greet Mooney, at least as title sponsor.

The finance company will still remain on the fairings of the Ducatis of Tavullia but with less “presence”.

Same thing for eBay that someone has given as main sponsor 2024. The online auction house, however, which has also seen Vale and his team involved in television ads and is already present on the yellow Ducati tail, is not involved in a Global guise but through the Italian branch and therefore will remain with a reduced presence.

On the other hand, HERO, a paint sprayer company, will grow. The company born in Canada in 1968 and joined NiT Italia in 2007, will increase its visibility on the fairings of the two Ducatis, presumably still entrusted to Marco Bezzecchi and Luca Marini, barring last minute changes. In fact, it is conceivable that VR46, which has Bezzecchi as its top man, tries to get him an official bike at home, rather than losing the rider in the direction of Pramac.

The real novelty, however, will be the main sponsor. Despite some rumors that  predicted another financial company or eBay itself, things will go differently.
The sponsor will be Pertamina, an Indonesian state oil company, born in 1957 from the nationalization of Shell plants, which over time took on its current name after a series of name changes and mergers with other local companies.

According to 2020-21 data, it has about 13,500 employees, revenue of $57 billion, operating income of $4 billion, net income of $1 billion, and assets of $71 billion.
Pertamina is the only Indonesian company to have ever entered the Fortune 500. It is a big company, not as big as Aramco but still huge in terms of turnover and importance.

Pertamina produces fuels and chemicals but also lubricants.
For this reason, after years of collaboration, Bardahl will disappear from Valentino’s bikes.
It is not known whether Pertamina will continue to sponsor the Pertamina Mandalika SAG team which currently lines up riders Taiga Hada and Bo Bendsnyder in Moto2, but this is a secondary issue.

Bo Bendsnyder

After the colossal flop of the Tanal Aramco hoax, (here the whole story) which some sites still define as a “broken deal” while nothing ever existed and has always been denied by the Saudi multinational, a REAL oil tanker finally arrives on VR bikes .
All thanks to the excellent work for what can be defined as the revelation team of 2023.
Who knows if with these foundations it will still be only Pramac that will have a factory bike, in addition to the internal team because, in short, with Pertamina, we are facing a kind of Petronas!
With these brands at stake, Ducati could really consider not only the idea of supplying VR46 with an official bike but also possibly letting a NON-factory team win, if the conditions were met!
This thing would bring Ducati to the absolute Olympus and would make it even more, if ever possible, the bike to have to race in MotoGP!

And now the usual game we play at Misterhelmet!
What could motorcycles be like? Here’s a style exercise by the excellent Lyla Oakes!
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