Vinales vs Espargaro: fight to develop the Aprilia!

Aleix Espargaro, who for years, also thanks to Iannone’s competitive suicide has been carrying out the cart, takes 1.5 million a year, a salary that, going to renew his contract in this period, would hardly be able to overcome. But in Aprilia the best thing is the prizes, which go up ti pay up to 10th place in each race.
So far, with Savadori running like a hamster with his indications, for Espargaro it seemed the best of all possible worlds, until Vinales arrived, taken more or less for the same money (much less than the salary received in Yamaha) but with different expectations than Aleix’s gradual improvement. Espargaro publicly welcomed everyone, as if to say: I really want to see if they are capable of doing what I have done with this bike.
But Espargaro hasn’t won a race in his life. Vinales, on the other hand, is a full-blown top rider who has played in the world championships and his “crises”, we know that we are more a matter of compatibility  than capability.
This is why Maverick, called for this very reason, would like to finally race for a team that lets him develop the bike.
Instead he would have found a project that takes a direction opposite to what he would like. Ok the final of last season, with few races to do and not too many developments but now?
Now the newcomer would have already shown the excesses and anger for which he is known, asking to let go of the developments of Aleix (Maverick would not have minced words) that would not have led to anything so good.
In fact, Aprilia, which like all manufacturers cannot carry out too divergent developments, must make a choice immediately.
The guarantee of the top ten and the few podiums of Aleix Espargaro who obviously has limits or the gamble of a Vinales who wins the races and makes final podiums in the world championship but who is very humorous if things don’t go as he wants? There cannot be another hybrid year and someone have to tell the “poor” Savadori what to really work on.
Espargaro to be grateful to so far or Vinales called to bring a long overdue victory?
Gratitude in racing often makes way for palmares. How long will the harmony of the photo on the cover last?
What will Aprilia decide? And you, what would you decide?


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