PERTAMINA EXTENDS with VR46. They want the Academy but NOT YAMAHA!

There is a lot of talk about a possible move from Ducati to Yamaha for the VR46 Pertamina team. It shouldn’t happen and there are good reasons. Pertamina is ready to renew for another two years by putting a monstrous sum on the table.
14 million to also sponsor the Academy but there are conditions. Here are all the details of the renewal and all the reasons for the NO to Yamaha together with other incredible news that you will find in the video.

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Many of you know that one of the wide-ranging market topics in MotoGP is a possible move of the VR46 team, Pertamina to Yamaha.
We’ve been talking about it for a long time, but it never happens.
Now it seems that DORNA’s pressure for Yamaha to also have a team is increasing.
From what I think, VR46 will not go to Yamaha.
Then I could be wrong but I’m about to explain to you why Valentino’s team, despite being Valentino himself a Yamaha ambassador, will remain with Ducati.

Whether it happens or not, my impressions aside, I’m about to give you some great news.
Very nice news that rewards the great sporting and marketing work of the VR46 team which I will never tire of complimenting.

You have understood that I think that despite what has been said for a long time, that Valentino’s MotoGP team will switch to Yamaha, it won’t happen for me.
Many things in the paddock are said because they seem the most normal, the most logical, but other logics according to which these things don’t happen escape us. Tanal also seemed like a logical fit because it was charming. But it wasn’t true.

I won’t explain here, given that Yamaha won’t have the VR46 team, who they will give the other two bikes to. This is a discussion I will face later.
I explain why VR46, which is working very well, will remain with ducati.
Even if Ducati has made it clear that it will be difficult to maintain 8 bikes.

I’ll tell you simply: PERTAMINA DOES NOT AGREE.
Pertamina, which is a state oil company, Pertamina which arrived in Italy with over 100 people at the team presentation, Pertamina which chased 18 million for 3 years, wants to stay in front and therefore the Yamahas are not good.
Maybe in a few years it will happen, when the regulations change, but not for now.
In my opinion. Maybe it’s one of those pieces that will age badly, but I’ll also tell you what Pertamina is doing towards VR46, to make it concretely clear what it likes and what it doesn’t.

There are rumors, which should be confirmed in a few days, that speak of an extension of the contract with VR46 Motogp for another 2 years.
And it’s big stuff. but it’s not over. The extension provides not 6 million per year, as is currently the case, but 7.
So Pertamina adds another 14 million to the current 18 million and also wants to sponsor the Academy.

And it reaches 32.

Do you know any other sponsors of this level, including official teams?
Does it seem to you that this extension is not a message at this moment?
Do you think that those who pay 32 million want to finish last and don’t want to say anything about which motorbikes are used?

It is a confirmation of sponsorship, it is a confirmation of trust and it is a confirmation of the current situation.
Indeed, it is an incentive to do better. Do you say that Diggia and Bezzecchi on Yamaha could do better?
Given that it is correct that Diggia has already renewed as I said in another video, are you saying that in his contract there is no mention of the motorbike he will ride?
Let’s say Bez leaves, for some reason, do you think that any rider could do better on Yamaha than the current Bezzecchi is doing on Ducati?

I could just give you the news of the two-year extension of Pertamina to 14 million and I would be fine but I’ll try to reason with you.

And what about valentino, who is a Yamaha ambassador? Has something stopped him so far from racing with Ducati, from sending his brother to Honda, from taking a non-VR46 rider like Diggia AND NOT MORBIDELLI who has parked with others, or from trying to take Aldeguer? From racing in a car with BMW?
No. And I’ll tell you why. For Vale, Uccio and all the management, the only interest is in being as strong as possible and this can only be achieved with Ducati. With all the money they have to spend, they will be first in line to get the best bikes from Ducati, even perhaps the official ones, if any official interlocutor drops out. VR46 not only might not go to Yamaha but it could also be the new Pramac. And I already said this in another article a long time ago.

Under what conditions could VR46 go to Yamaha, instead? They should be forced by Dorna, but someone should not only give him the bikes for free but make Pertamina understand some Reasons. 14 million reasons.

Then, of course, I could also be wrong.

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