MotoGP sold to Liberty Media(?) The Americans are coming!

The news is that of the sale of MotoGP to Liberty Media, owner of F1, after a quick process of Americanisation. But this would only be the first of a long series of news and situations that also concern Superbike. Here in detail what they could be, who could command in MotoGP and what would happen on a financial, political and organizational level. In short, here’s how the sport we love could change by becoming Americanized!

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Se volete un po’ di dettagli, vi potete guardare questo video fatto con Enrico Borghi e Luca Bologna.

There are all the background, financial data and reasons why MotoGP must be sold.
I mean, it was in the air and it was only a matter of time. Rumors say that the announcement will be made in America, in Austin. But why in America?
Because Liberty Media should be the one to buy MotoGP and these are Americans.
And be careful because it’s still a doubt. Will MotoGP be bought or dorna? Presumably only the MotoGP share belonging to Bridgepoint.
It’s not the same because Dorna controls, let’s say, MotoGP but also CEV and Superbike. And then he has his hands in other situations:
So it’s not the same.
We will need to understand what Bridgepoint, which as a fund is obliged to sell every now and then because it has to make money, will sell.

Obviously we are starting to understand a lot of things. The arrival of Rossomondo, of some American sponsors as sponsors of the championship or of some teams, and the arrival of an American team, not just any team but a very mediate team like Trackhouse involved in Nascar, in addition to the latest television agreements that speak by TNTsport.

We also talked about these on and also the questions we talked about on Misterehelmet.

So Americanization was in the air.
And probably Americanization, announced in America, will be.
Although honestly, I have some doubts that it will be done at the end of the season. It seems to me that a great acceleration has been given.

But who will lead in MotoGP?
It would be really nice if there was a person trusted by those in charge at Liberty and at the same time someone who knows about MotoGP and has good relations with the Americans.
For example? For example, we talked about it here. Brivio is a friend of Domenicali. Not Claudio, the one from Ducati, Stefano, the one from F1.

And he is also a friend of the Americans. Do you really think that his destiny is to end his career at the Trackhouse team?
Let’s say he’s back, gives this team a bit of a fix, talks a bit with the Americans and maybe he can be taken into consideration to ride the NEW MOTOGP. He has all the characteristics to ferry this MotoGP from one fund to another. And he is also a friend of Stefano Domenicali, who is not the head of Liberty but is the head of F1 which is the asset that is worth the most in Liberty.

But Liberty Media also belongs to a fund.
Liberty Media has also controlled F1 for many years now and like all funds it must achieve.
It is not excluded that Liberty Media buys MotoGP, sells F1 and distributes a good bit of surplus in the fund.
I’m making it rough eh, it’s not like buying a Fiat Panda and selling yourself a Porsche to keep the money.
But some maneuvers are plausible.

Yes but you will say. And to us? Does it change anything for us?
A little more of something.
We will have an Americanization of the sport we love.
More races, more teams, fewer categories, some GPs in the USA
And above all a more highlights show.
Rossomondo boasted that shorter races appeal to younger people and don’t risk conflicting with waning attention. He actually talked about it. A problem that is deeply felt by them and which we are starting to talk about now.
Everything is much closer to the Sprint Race and decisive sessions, than to the old MotoGP made up of long sessions in search of the setup.
We talked about it when we tried to explain how MotoGP was changing and what certain changes meant.
So much for the show.

And politically? Just as the FIA, which has less and less power over F1, risks getting a kick in the ass, the mega bandwagon that is the International Motorcycling Federation risks getting more than one kick in the ass. They act as suitors and make a living with the Dorna fee of around 10 million for use of the brand. In my opinion, a bad time is about to begin for them.

In short, good things can also happen.
I hope I have given you a photograph that is a little less blurry than what you can find elsewhere.


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