Ducati and Suzuki: ready for Moto2!


The news is one of those easy to report:
The trend that sees the commitment in Moto2 of the manufacturers involved in MotoGP increase year after year is destined to grow.
After MV, KTM and from next year, also Yamaha, engaged in the junior class with Moto2 which obviously have a Triumph engine and their own chassis or in any case derived from something already on the grid (Kalex, mainly), here are other big names.

Ducati, but especially Suzuki, these are the rumors, could be be ready to enter Moto2 starting from 2023 but given the type of commitment someone could do it even earlier ..
Suzuki, in particular, would already be far ahead in the negotiations, having an open channel with the Aspar team to complete the operation even if Aspar seems to have chosen Gas Gas already.

The big change, which could take place as early as 2023, is actually a small one.
It is not a question of designing new motorbikes or of really bringing manufacturers into a championship that have never raced, but only of widening the grid or, even, if it is believed that the number of motorcycles currently cleared is sufficient, injecting a couple of brands in existing teams.

Once the rumor is cleared, it’s time to understand why all this. That is what exactly can be used, to call Ducati or Suzuki of the Triumph-powered Kalex.

The first reason is related to the market. For a manufacturer it is much easier and cheaper to set up a team (or even to call an existing team by its name), than to pay millions to have riders already under contract with other teams such as KTM or Yamaha, which instead have the their top riders on a track since the junior classes. KTM and Team Asia are teaching that riders need to be signed up when the’re still junior and this is demonstrated by the fact that KTM has the best rookies available automatically for next year, so much so that they don’t know where to place them.

The second reason is related to the Brand.
Of the current audience, only a small percentage are aware that a class that struggles to get mainstream attention, is using bikes with a Triumph engine and either a Kalex or Boscoscuro chassis.

The bikes are called by the name of the team, or of the sponsor. The stoned press does the rest. Asleep on financial and political macro-themes and busy as it is just raking in clicks with distorted statements, factoids, desires and hopes of the darling of the moment, press would certainly not spend its days repeating that the Ducati Moto2s are not really Ducati’s, as indeed they are not currently doing it, not even for MV or KTM.
The press, and it is now well known, even in the case of so-called specialized sites, is only interested in mass clicking and the latter is certainly not achieved with those that are considered as technicalities by housewives and kids.
Already there is to survive the retirement of Valentino. There’s no place for anti-click details.
And Dorna is happy to do the bad copy of F1, so this would be enough to get everything back.

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