CRYPTODATA SCARED of MISTERHELMET? Questions to Ovidiu Toma, Dorna and Aprilia!

A few days ago I published a video in which I asked myself some doubts about CryptoDATA Tech, RNF Aprilia sponsor, Razali’s team back from the Petronas breakup and the bankruptcy of its previous sponsor WithU Energy. In that video I highlighted some peculiarities of the sponsor CryptoDATA, which is also the owner of the team, from its involvement in previous activities to the fact its products do not correspond to what is advertised. I showed all the documentation, reviews, articles and sources. ALL OF THEM. And you can still find them.

Misterhelmet Shop 


Even if there was no copyrighted material, it must have annoyed Ovidiu Toma and Bogdan Maruntis of CryptoDATA, who claimed the violation to YouTube which then removed the video. It is a common practice and he does it in order to not have legal problems and get out of trouble.

I made a counter-claim myself and therefore in the next few days we will know if it will be accepted.
In the meantime, here’s the link to the video. You can find it on my website and on other less paranoid platforms.



In the meantime, however, since I’m sure I’m right and that I didn’t use prohibited material, because everything was available online, I’m addressing Ovidiu Toma, CEO of Cryptodata directly, and asking him a few things directly.

So, here are my questions:


  1. Dear CryptoDATA, is it possible to have a direct interview with some of you so that I can ask these questions and other questions without you running from me?
  2. Dear Mr. Toma, why did you remove the video on grounds of copyright infringement if all the material I took is public? Do you know the video is online anyway and I’ll go straight on my way?
  3. Isn’t it better that you let me do my job and I let you do yours?
  4. Is CryptoDATA afraid of Misterhelmet who is the only one to have highlighted certain things?
  5. Ovidiu Toma: Would you like to clarify once and for all your relationship with Karatbars and the gold-based Ponzi scheme scam with the ban on Karatbars operating in numerous countries around the world?
  6. Were you Chief Technology Officer of Karatbars or not? Were you or were you not a founding partner of the cryptocurrency?
  7. Were you holding the ingot or not at the presentation in Dubai? What happened to that cryptocurrency?
  8. Is it true that CryptoDATA products were the hardware tools of the Karatbars scam and are they still the tools of Edain and other activities to be clarified, some of them classified as pyramid schemes?
  9. Ovidiu Toma: would you like to clarify your relationship with Alex Bodi, arrested for Human Trafficking and your partner in Karatbars, as reported by the press in your country?
  10. Ovidiu Toma: Would you like to clarify why your products are reviewed everywhere negatively and made fun of on Reddit and all the other free platforms that you can’t block?
  11. Why do you disable comments every time there are negative comments on your channels?
  12. Would you like to clarify the CryptoDATA reviews on TrustPilot where they talk about scams and frauds by CryptoDATA?
  13. Ovidiu Toma and Bogdan Maruntis: Would you like to clarify your role in hosting the Edain platform through Zixxar? Why Edain and Zixxar, which is your site, have been defined as Ponzi schemes by the Russian central bank?
  14. Did you bring Edain to Aleix Espargaro as sponsor? Can you clarify how Edain really works?
  15. Can you clarify how Zixxar really works?
  16. Do you happen to host other sites suspected of Ponzi schemes in addition to these?
  17. Can you provide me with clarification on the Tinker phone that you were supposed to launch in 2020 and instead has disappeared? Can you give me clarification on the Momentum electric car that you never launch and has never been seen in motion even though incredible performance is claimed? How is this performance calculated if the car does not exist? 

  18. Why did I contact DELL and they said they have no partnerships with you?
  19. Why do you say you have 14 offices in the world but there isn’t even an address other than the one in Romania?
  20. How was the 200millionvalue of CryptoDATA Tech determined if there is not even a balance sheet available?
  21. Who is your board of directors made up of?
  22. Is it possible to know what is the sum paid to the RNF team to cover the majority of the shares?
  23. Want to talk about the billion-dollar guarantee fund you say you set up with Martoms Brothers & Co to protect users from cryptocurrency losses due to scams and mismanagement? Heres the link to the article.
  24. The project was supposed to start in September. Why didn’t it start? Will you also protect consumers from the mismanagement of your partners that you host on your Xiden platform?
  25. Why is it that the insurance company Martoms Brothers & Co mentioned by you is inactive, with an empty, non-functioning site set up by you, no customers and no trace of activity?
  26. Why do you say you do not deal in cryptocurrencies and instead have a cryptocurrency mining platform called Xiden where you are hosting Edain which is a project defined as a pyramid scheme by the Russian central bank? You say you want to defend your customers from scammers but who is defending them from your buzzword of documents?
  27. What do you say to those who accuse you of doing social engineering in search engines by filling the internet with projects that never see the light of day in order to have financial credibility?
  28. What do you say to those who accuse you of only having buzz words on your sites and of not really explaining anything about your projects, your products and your code?
  29. Have you received questions about your business from Dorna, RNF or Aprilia?
  30. And finally one last question: Have I violated any copyright by asking these questions? Are you going to cry to YouTube?
  31. Will you let yourself be interviewed or are you afraid of Misterhelmet?Now a question for Dorna:I am sure you have carried out checks on this sponsor. Can you provide the press with the results of your analysis? Is it the same analysis as in the case of TANAL Aramco? 

    Question for Aprilia:

    It is true that payment for the bikes is guaranteed by IRTA, but what do you think about your brand being linked to activities about which there is no clarity?

    Why did you underestimate this when I contacted you to inform you?



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