Why is MotoGP the bad copy of F1 even though it could be better?


For an organization that claims to be inspired by F1, MotoGP is not offering a good show.

At the moment, the main theme is to determine the value of the Valentino Rossi asset and to quantify losses and related countermeasures following his farewell. Not a good approach. An organization must not renounce its past assets but neither cannot admit to relying on them.

No credible sports organization can admit that it is in trouble for the loss of a champion, especially if the champion in question is representative from the point of view of the image and not from the sporting one.
In doing so, Dorna admits that it is more memories than facts, more affection than technique and more smoke than roast. If Dorna says that it will miss a rider who hasn’t won a world championship for 12 years and a race for 3 because the audience will drop, it offends itself and those who work there, downgrading its audience from competent to merch collector. Not even World Wrestling Entertainment, 95% entertainment and 5% sports content would ever admit such a thing. Dorna, on the other hand, does it, showing to believe in a retired rider more than in those who still race.
And this is only the self-diagnosed part of the disease.

Then there is another, objective and therefore even more cruel.
Still comparing it to F1, MotoGP is Neanderthal.

Technically, an F1 car looks like a road car the same way a man looks like a monkey.
The other car categories are also separated from F1 by light years of technology and performance. Ask anyone to pick an F1 from 10 different car types. Easy.

This is not the case with motorcycles and over time there is less and less difference.
No car category is remotely comparable to F1 while Superbike is however, albeit forcedly, comparable to its corresponding prototypes. And this despite a political aberration, namely the belonging of MotoGP and WSBK to the same organizer.
Instead of managing it effectively Dorna has chosen to impoverish SBK and evolve MotoGP in a direction that is only dangerous. With motorcycles there is only confusion. Ask an average fan to identify a MotoGP versus an SBK. Ask about the differences between the two championships.

For the rest, people continue to die on the bike and still get hurt a lot.
Motorcycles have evolved in terms of peak performance more than they have evolved in driveability. Arriving on the straight at 350kmh is of no use to the show if the rider becomes a passenger on his bike and if the straight is more dangerous than the cornering. It is not Dorna’s fault if you get hurt more on the bike than in the car but it is Dorna’s fault if there are price caps in the prototypes while in the derivatives, in practice, there are not and if SBK is nothing more than a poor MotoGP without any financial support for the teams.
In prototypes, research should be a free choice. There is no doctor of economics who prescribes racing to those who cannot afford it. It is not by increasing the grid of pawns in the midst of four rich competitors that you put up the show. If investments were truly free, surely the manufacturers would engage in more complex things than going fast on the straight and even motorcycling would have its kers and all the real technical evolutions that are in cars. Two plastic wings are not technology if young riders die every year.

Then there is the view to the future. In cars, Formula E is an independent championship from F1 and is preparing to be an alternative in any case. It communicates innovation and truly represents electric motoring with real brands making serious efforts and frightening technical innovations to be found in dealerships the following year.
In motorcycles, the MotoE is yet another championship controlled by Dorna. For two years it was a ridiculous category with heavy, slow bikes and a skimpy championship with fewer dates than a trophy.

And finally, the most obvious problem: sponsors.
In Formula 1 there is the top for the championship and for the teams. Amazing brands that everyone knows.
For the MotoGP we challenge you to list 5 companies known to the general public, when they do not arrest someone or there is some scam like the one of which Valentino Rossi’s team was the victim, who dealt with a non-existent prince for 8 months and a fake architect sponsoring a company that didn’t exist, Tanal, and an oil firm, Aramco, who denied it from day one. The press ignored it. In motorcycles, even the press is funny and is made up of puppets.

Here is the value of Motogp: Valentino Rossi’s team, declared as the main historical asset, in 8 months could not find a sponsor and it was necessary for Rossi, who had declared that the team was not his problem, to return on field personally, in order to find last minute money which, however, also supports him in cars and forces him to stay in the marketing game.
MotoGP alone just can’t do it.

If that’s not a problem …

Yet, if only MotoGP were naturally itself, it would be the best sport in the world …

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