Max Biaggi and Razali join forces in MotoGP. Announcement in Valencia!

Razali is ready to announce its 2023 lineup already in Valencia.
He is not the only one, however, to announce something. There is also Max Biaggi who has a surprise and the two roads could meet!


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Razlan Razali is ready to announce its 2023 lineup already in Valencia.
There are things that everyone knows, for example the names of the riders Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez, and others that have emerged, or the sponsor Cryptodata, turned over to RNF by Aprilia via Dorna to save the financial life of RNF, in danger after WithU’s escape that , as you know, he is in dire financial straits. Find the WithU investigation with some videos here on Misterhelmet.

Razali, however, is not the only one who has to announce something, because there is another piece that could go matghing in the puzzle.
Max Biaggi was, bad to say, has been ousted from his team in Moto3 and he was not allowed (just simplifying it) to set up his own squad.
In this way, a big sponsor, Sterilgarda, remains unused in his hands, and with the same amount spent in Moto3 could become the co main sponsor or the second sponsor in MotoGP on the RNF Aprilia. Hence, Biaggi becomes, hence the cover, what in finance is called a cash cow!

Nothing is certain but it is plausible that this will happen. Biaggi has been in Valencia for a few days testing the Aprilia RSVX 30, created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first title of the Noale factory.

Biaggi’s role in RNF would not only be that of sponsor.
It is conceivable for him a role as sporting director, something similar to that held by Guidotti in Pramac.
Max would have, indeed he has, all the sporting skills to supervise the situation and support Razali in managing the riders and in relations with Aprilia and it is needless to explain what a master stroke this would be, for Razali, considering the skills of Biaggi whose value would be absolute. even if it did not bring any sponsors, given the seriousness and experience of the “Corsaro”.
Maybe Max would not be the best for public relations, given the recent Dorna boycott but, from a sporting point of view, Max is the best on the market and the combo could be surprising.

Ah, I was almost forgotting. How could the bike be?
Like this!
Ah, I forgot. How could the bike be?
Like this!

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