KTM VS STERLACCHINI. Nothing but homesickness! There is ANOTHER VERSION of the STORY!

The contract of Sterlacchini, Head of Technology MotoGP KTM has not been renewed. The Italian will be replaced by Wolfgang Felber who will become VP Technology Road Racing.
KTM, through its manager Pit Beirer, suggests that the separation is consensual, amicable and makes affectionate declarations attributing the cause to the Italian technician’s homesickness, while insinuating that KTM did not want to renew its trust due to irreconcilable differences. At the same time, however, many allusions emerge by the usual KTM-friendly press which, as we know, doesn’t like to be left.
Instead, there is a version of the story that says that Fabiano Sterlacchini left by slamming the door. Here are the details!

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