Lorenzo Savadori: from shop boy to MotoGP rider!


I’ll make you a deal. If you can tell me right now what the life expectancy was for second lieutenant dropped into a hot LZ in Vietnam in 1968, I’ll tell you everything I remember […]
“One week ”
“Negative…16 minutes. 16 fucking minutes”.

Rules of Engagement – film – 2000 – 

Dropped into MotoGP after the Iannone affair as one of those viewers who win a contest that will allow him to experience the environment for a day and then return home tired but happy and full of gadgets, he managed to survive in the presence of Bradley Smith and to the illusion of Dovizioso up to go beyond the single episode and the expectations of a whole world around him.

Let’s be clear, Lorenzo Savadori was a rider already, but with his past so far from the world of prototypes and made up of 3 different bikes changed in the previous year, for him it was the same as enrolling in engineering directly from middle school done in a foreign country. It can only be done with talent, heart and brain, as well as  with all the help and patience that you can manage to put together from all the parties involved.

The transformation necessary for a man’s survival  and the survival destined to transform the man himself is an experiment that we have seen fail so many times, that no one would ever have bet on Savadori and Aprilia. Nobody except Savadori and Aprilia … and maybe at some point not even them.

More prestigious and titled riders, on better performing and winning bikes, have been hurt a lot more in a lot less time. This is obviously not the case.

The consideration and the article that follows would have ended here if it were not for the pleasure of analyzing the entire path taken, made up of underestimation, criticism, and bitter considerations towards what was considered a foreign body in a bankruptcy project. .
In fact, Savadori lacked nothing, not even a battle wound. An injury that is paradoxically more a sign of the fact that he was finally starting to be part of the context on a permanent basis, than of his inadequacy.
A context that has gone from being blamed to be re-evaluatded,  to the point of being considered the the deserved holder of a role initially received as a gift.
In short, to be respected.
This is demonstrated by the latest images: Lorenzo Savadori, just replaced by Maverick Vinales, who instead of resenting what is lost, undertakes to transfer, being listened  carefully by the one who took his place, as much or little as he knows about something  has been his school for the past few months.

Aprilia’s latest move is just as right as all the others.
For 2022, contract as a tester and wild card for a guy who jumped on the Aprilia as a shop boy and got off it as a MotoGP rider.

Savadori group
Savadori group

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