A golden parking for Davide Brivio!

You saw him win and you saw him leave.
A world championship that no one would have expected Suzuki to win in a year in which many were distracted by more important things like the pandemic. It is the MotoGP World Championship which, among all, was considered the work of the technician rather than the rider.
Brivio, and we do not know if he did it on purpose, made the most effective move to be remembered and regretted: to go quickly to the higher category which, as far as MotoGP is concerned, is called F1.
Suzuki hasn’t won anymore (and he wouldn’t have won anyway) and Brivio is in everyone’s hearts. Perhaps even rightly, because his abilities are undeniable.
In F1, however, he was not allowed to do anything and his role crumbled in a Renault where Otmar Szaufner now commands, taking no prisoners since the first minute.
De Meo had fallen in love with Brivio perhaps when they were in Yamaha for the collaboration with Abarth and had seen something in him, but he was unable to find a place for him and, above all, he did not give him the time.
In Alpine, a lot of figures that were considered immovable were moved when it went well and sacked when it went badly.

Defenestrated Prost and Budkowski, moved Brivio, which perhaps if he had been fired would have been better.

Now it will go on to take care of Junior Programs and other sports activities such as Endurance and the A110 Cup.
Tell me if this is not a parking-punishment or a ounishing parking which, among other things, still keeps him contractually bound with “alternative” costs that would not make a return to MotoGP profitable for those who hire him.
But the question is: apart from the riders’ regrets, rumors, rumors, does Suzuki management really want him back?
It does not appear that he ever said so and therefore, unless Brivio is waiting for Jarvis to retire in Yamaha, what are we talking about?


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