There is much talk of Valentino Rossi’s tenth (missed) title as a missed opportunity. But there might be a possibility.
Clearly it’s a theory, but are we really sure that if we wanted to, we couldn’t do it? Read the piece or watch the video!

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Here I am.
This is a big deal: listen to me and you will thank me! Although I sound ironic, I am serious.

I have the key idea to realise the dream of Valentino Rossi’s tenth title while also saving a lot of jobs of desperate people reduced to writing about Marini wanting more money and Migno crying because he is without a bike, which would save the day and the programme.

But most of all, let’s look on the bright side, that of the salvation of many fans my age and many others who are hereditary fans but not yet aware in 2009 as they are too young, have never seen him win anything other than the 100km of Champions or the Rally Monza.

I, who have been repeatedly accused of being anti-Rossi when in fact I am someone who analyses numbers for a living, had a great idea.

The incident that prevented the 10th title by the evil Marquez, the villanous Lorenzo, etc.
These are all bad things that we can erase.

It’s time for me to stop this seemingly cocksure attitude and get back to seriousness but first:
What is the most modern, young, responsible, inclusive, innovative, evolutionary, and who has the most to offer among motorbike championships?
All good things plus a certain ease given the technical, organisational and participant situation?
Something that although underdeveloped is still world class? The MotoE World Championship!

What motorbikes run there? All equal motorbikes. All Ducati.

Which sort of riders? Very good riders, nothing to say, but who clearly did not choose to do this world championship instead of Superbike or Moto2.
How many laps do you do? Very few. And in fact it is a championship suitable for those who are not exactly young.

Yet it struggles. People say terrible things about electric bikes. They don’t value them. They belittle them for their lack of sound, smoke, and all those machismo characteristics that thermal motorbikes have.

MotoE is seen as something a bit lame and is done by teams that are basically forced by Dorna to do it, facilitated in all respects because there is no real media return. In other words, nobody is shitting on MotoE.

As long as MotoE is not the only form of motorcycling, it will never take off and I myself, like Misterhelmet, if I want to talk about it, I have to squeeze it in between other things. It’s not fair and I’m against injustice.

Yet there is a remedy and it is called Valentino Rossi.
The legend who transformed into the collective belief in serious racing even the Monza Rally, which was going back and forth from pole to pole doing laps, and the 100km di Campioni, which is a race he organises at home with his employees like Fantozzi’s Coppa Cobram.

We look together at why MotoE could be perfect for a tenth VR46 title.

1. With his MotoGP colleagues in the mix, no, but with those who currently race in MotoE, it is very likely that Valentino could win. In fact, I’m almost certain.
2. It’s still a world title (more or less), but I digress.
3. The races are very short and therefore talent counts more than physical endurance.
4. Bikes are all the same, so you can’t cry, but then it takes nothing to make one more equal than the other (but I’m convinced that it won’t help)
5. Valentino would be the perfect union point between old and new.
6. Finally there would be a real big name in a grid of unknowns. Duel between Rossi and Manfredi! Not even in video games would this be possible.
7. Finally, the category would become interesting and bring back to the track and in front of the TV all the two-wheel orphans who now don’t know what the hell to do except repeat the 2015 story.
8. It would also give some oxygen to VR46 Racing Apparel, the clothing brand, which apparently no longer sells as well as it used to. And we help it! I imagine eco-friendly t-shirts with recycled material, perfectly ecological.
9. And above all: would he be able to win something with Ducati, which otherwise…

If you think I am joking or ironic, you are wrong. I am very serious. Before the MotoE World Championship evolves in so many ways, from the number of laps to who participates, Valentino Rossi could really take part in it and win it, thus closing a cycle once and for all and helping a world championship that is struggling to establish itself.
He would become the winner of all the categories in which he raced. That would be perfect.
Valentino Rossi himself would give value and credibility to something that is struggling to have and could attract important sponsors that are now lacking.

I am amazed that none of those paid to do this have thought of it yet.

And this is how the bike could be if Valentino would race in MotoE!

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